What therapy works best for PTSD





That is the question not answered by any psychological group or society.

My recommendation: Find a therapists blog on trauma. I have found these therapists on the cutting edge of the current wisdom for PTSD recovery.

An example: This Psychologist is a specialist for codependency, a trait many of us abused kids struggle with for life.


You can find one online. This guy healed from a terrible childhood and became a therapist to help others. What do the successful therapists use for therapies.

A therapist should say things that make us uncomfortable. Goods ones push us to reach out into that unknown area. Risk!

Second, find a blog like mine. Read and decide if the content is accurate and recommendations are worthwhile.

I would find a therapist who uses mindfulness in therapy. Acceptance and Committment Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy both are hybrid CBT therapies that use mindfulness to expedite healing.

Realize we heal ourselves, therapist give direction and hopefully great skills.

Ask if a therapist gives homework. If I were a therapist, everyone who walked through the door would have a focused breathing practice (meditation).

Homework would be to meditate for three minutes, twice a day, minimum. We will work on meditating ten minutes every session. In due time, meditating for twenty minutes will be a daily habit.

Get them moving, doing, taking action. Sedentary is closer to death, action closer to life.

If a client takes action to heal, victimhood dies. Being able to focus and let the noise of life go, benefits even the happiest person.

Next, pick a therapist who fits your personality.

I do not need a therapist who can inspire me, if you do, select wisely.

Do not be afraid to fire your therapist and select again. It is ok, they serve us, our healing outweighs their feelings.

Healing is a harsh journey, you have to have more courage than you think.

Do not think ptsd heals completely or you will be disappointed.

I am at my best when I focus on my effort and leave judgment alone.

Right now I am lost in my PTSD but I can still shine light on your path.



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