Sustained Attention, focus, concentration

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When you commit to meditating, can you concentrate for ten breaths with sustained attention?

Sustained attention example: The Breath is our focus object.

I keep constant contact with the breath, with each inhale, pause, exhale and pause.

My breathing track model offers a visual representation of the four parts of a breath cycle.

Using this model, it is like tracing my breath with my finger through each inhale, pause, exhale and pause. As I breathe my finger moves around the model.



Start bottom right with the inhale moving upward and to the left. Then pause, exhale and final pause.

If your a beginner, trace your breath with your eyes open first, feel the transitions, the flow of your breath.

Find a focus object you can keep constant contact with for ten breaths.

I also listen intently for the slightest sound, then feel the tiniest body sensations.

Distractions make meditating difficult.

Thoughts, thinking, the monkey mind disrupts our concentration. A thought can expand, last for minutes or more and destroy focus.

Sustained attention (constant contact) trains the mind to concentrate at a deeper level.

Our goal is to be focused, mind empty of thought, extremely relaxed and aware.

Meditation trains the mind to concentrate, to let the cognitive hemisphere rest and the creative side to flourish.

Remember no right or wrong, good or bad, no words, sentences, worry, doubt or fear on the expansive side.

No past or future exists in the right hemisphere.

Unlimited opportunity is available for each one of us over here.

Sustained focus strengthens our concentration power.



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