Electrical signaling represents the language of the mind




The “mind,”as I mean it in this book, consists of the experiences and information that are represented by a nervous system.

This might seem puzzling at first, but we are surrounded by examples of information being represented by something physical, such as the meanings of the squiggly shapes your eyes are scanning right now.

As the Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel put it:

Brain cells have particular ways of processing information and communicating with one another…..

……..Electrical signaling represents the language of the mind,

The means whereby nerve cells……communicate with one another…..

….. All animals have some form of mental life that reflects the architecture of their nervous system.

From Rick Hanson



My two cents: For a mind or a person to have wellbeing, our nervous system must be our friend, in my opinion.

Look how our relationship with the fight or flight mechanism impacts our mind.

Seems disorders like depression, anxiety and PTSD hijack the nervous system, sensitize it and then overreact to stimulus.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on October 7, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    As part of my healing, I’ve been learning about the ‘electrical system’ in the body as it relates to dissociation and trauma. Consider myself very fortunate to benefit from the amalgamation of psychology and neurobiology. Been learning some techniques for disrupting the body sensations that my brain now misinterprets. Helpful. It’s another tool.

  2. Meditation focus on the breath can calm the nervous system

    Stop the fight or flight mechanism from firing from trauma

    Dissipate adrenaline and cortisol

    Builds resilience and courage

    Make friends with your nervous system

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