Hooking up with my worthy Marty, my perfect me.




I believe each of our true selves, our core, our soul is perfect, our bodies and behavior have flaws.

At 69, dealing with an old trauma, a time of re-experiencing a huge unworthy event, I yearn for that worthy Marty.

Meditation was the vehicle that introduced me to my true self.

Yes it took me a long time, an arduous journey of harnessing my concentration powers.

In time, a meditation sit, an hour of intense concentration, brought me to a place of serene quiet, a place I was whole, worthy and happy.

Now, I am headed back to that place once again, sidetracked by old trauma and learned habits no more.

Opportunity thrives in this empty space, a place where thoughts die and worthiness is normal.

Please join me.

Concentration is a learned skill, takes daily practice to grow your wellbeing.



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