PTSD is not a normal memory, it is stored as imminent danger

Pixabay: jarmoluk



PTSD stores trauma in a special place, different than normal memories.

Regular Memories are easily accessible for viewing, trauma memories are not.

Trauma memories can bring the past back in vivid color with all the emotions, even terror like it just happened.

Normal memories never elicit the fear and terror that implicit memories bring to our nervous system.

Of special note, Trauma activates our fight or flight mechanism, brings a slew of symptoms from avoidance to dissociation to hyper vigilance.

Normal memories can be joyful, pleasant and calming, trauma memories bring imminent danger.

PTSD makes us relive our past abuse until we integrate that trauma memory (implicit memory).

This implicit memory is stored in our right hemisphere, unaccessible consciously.

This is why talking has no impact on healing Implicit memory or PTSD.

PTSD is a dilemma, it does not improve with time, actually PTSD gets worse as time passes.

PTSD is complex, healing very simple, no not easy.



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