Self Talk and how it works



Psychologist, anxiety treatment specialist and author, Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D, defines Self Talk and how it works:

“It is so automatic and subtle you don’t notice it or the effect it has on your moods and feelings.

It appears in telegraphic form- one short word or image (”Oh no!) contains a whole series of thoughts, memories, or associations.

Anxious self-talk is typically irrational but almost always sounds like the truth.

Negative self-talk perpetuates avoidance.

Self-talk can initiate or aggravate a panic attack.

Negative self-talk is a series of negative bad habits.



My two cents: I believe this self talk reflects our self image. A happy person will have a positive self image and self talk.

A depressed person with complex PTSD will have an unworthy self image and Négative self talk.

We can change self image and self talk, but not easily.



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