“Gone” watching sensory events leave our bodies!




This concept (Gone) is a core training from a mindfulness program (https://unifiedmindfulness.com/core).

I have used a version of this concept in my mindfulness group.

We bring awareness to a sensory event in our bodies, noticing one part of our body is extremely relaxed or sensing a firm tightness in the solar plexus.

Gone” is the process of watching sensory events as they leave our bodies.

Instead of dealing with external stimulus, we focus on our own sensory stimulus intently.

For me, we expand that awareness to noticing when an agitation or a relaxation starts, stays a while, then witness it leave.

This concept of “Gone” uses no thought and focuses on knowing our body sensations intimately, as they flow through us.

The lesson is clear, sensory things are impermanent.

Our core is solid, not transparent like sensory events.

Anger lights up my solar plexus, accompanied by tensing and tightening of my muscles, followed by adrenaline joining the party.

This is a great opportunity to take a step back and observe.

Leave the external reason for your anger alone, it is our internal sensory world we want to discover.

Feel this sensory event with a curious mindset.

Can you focus, watch this upset leave your body?

It happens everyday without any awareness on our part.

Many of the answers are right below our judgment and indifference.

The premise is, if we have sensory clarity, the external world becomes much easier to navigate.



One response to this post.

  1. I think this helped me heal. Controlling my childhood abuse or other people’s harmful acts was not possible.

    But healing my internal world was possible.

    I sat with anger, terror, fear, trauma, not the acts but with my bodies reaction to them

    I could release my bodies reaction since they are impermanent

    Well not all

    We get better

    Total healing is a concept I do not waste my time on

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