An unguarded, unrestrained mind: Shaila Catherine


“Mindfulness balances the mind, bringing harmony between the extremes of restlessness and sleepiness, agitation and dullness, wanting and not-wanting, doubt and faith.

If your mind is left unguarded and a pleasant thought occurs to you and you are unaware that it has arisen, the mind might begin to go wild: images proliferate; fantasies of pleasure emerge; rippling responses run through the body; tension from grasping forms; concepts of “me and mine” are reinforced.

In an unguarded, unrestrained mind, attention is lost in fantasy.

Although the initial contact may be pleasant, the the associative sequence can create a wake of mental agitation; suffering results.

The problem is not that a pleasant thought arises; the problem is that the mind is unprotected.

When mindfulness is absent or muddled, clinging finds an opportunity, and identification with the experience ensues.

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