Why is your daughter more likely to get gangraped at a fraternity on an American campus than anywhere else in the world?



Why is your daughter more likely to get gangraped at a fraternity on an American campus than anywhere in the world?

It must be some kind of group bonding for demeaning women and inflating the male Ego. A cult of assault and shame against the physically weaker gender.

All my logic skills can not understand any gratification or pleasure out of doing physical and emotional harm to a helpless girl.

These are well to do kids from good homes.

What went wrong raising your boys, mom and dad?

The moms and dads of the victims want to know why your son severely damaged their daughter.

This topic is very personal, my girlfriend was gangraped by a fraternity one night.

She was only a sophomore, 19. Some Fraternities prey on the younger freshman and sophomores girls.

I saw her reputation, confidence, self worth and life be destroyed in a night.

It is a sickening and helpless thing to witness. Life stops, the person you loved will never be the same, quiet loving moments will never happen again.

A nice 19 year old coed had her dreams destroyed, replaced by public humiliation and terror.

Shockingly, the fraternity bragged about their assault on that small campus.

Every meal she had to walk by the ten guys who assaulted her.

She had guts but was dying inside from the shame she felt.

I write this to bring attention, to support change, stiff penalties and an active administration overseeing fraternities.




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  1. This is so shocking, Marty. A terrible crime. It is very difficult to recover from something like that.

  2. I had buried this, very deep below my childhood trauma. It surfaced about a month ago.

    It haunts me to experience this again.

    I was just a boyfriend but I was traumatized also.

    Now, I want revenge, I am angry, hurt and have nightmares about this

    It is all,to,confusing for me

  3. You can experience vicarious trauma when you observe another being traumatized, or even when you learn what has happened to them. I hope you get help in processing this. I can tell you loved her deeply.

  4. What I loved, disappeared after the assault.

    Life is not fun in survival,mode. Public humiliation combined with their gangrape was to much for me, I do not know how she kept going.

  5. Women aren’t given a choice in whether to keep going or not. She had to or curl up and die. This mentality, this behavior is akin to gangstalking.

    In most crimes committed against weaker people the victim is blamed for their own plight.

  6. Thank you for your input

  7. You’re welcome. I hope your friend finds her way and do not let those who harmed her take away anymore happiness than they already have. I hope she take the power back they stole from her.

  8. This was decades ago but it was buried

    It surfaced a month ago

  9. I don’t believe there’s a limit in the time span of the trauma surrounding a painful situation. may resurface. She’s suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder. A disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. The condition may last months or years, with triggers that can bring back memories of the trauma accompanied by intense emotional and physical reactions.
    Symptoms may include nightmares or unwanted memories of the trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma, heightened reactions, anxiety, or depressed mood.

  10. I have complex ptsd

    This blog supports Ptsd suffers

  11. I’m glad you support them. Giving them a chance to openly talk about their experience. I’m sorry to learn you suffers from Complex PTSD. I hope you are finding relief from it.

  12. I healed from childhood abuse

    What I learned I pass on

    This event traumatized me also

  13. I am sorry to learn of your abusive childhood. No child could suffer abuse. I can imagine the event mentioned in the post did traumatized you. I hope you are receiving consulting for this event as well. When devastating things happen to those we love they traumatized us too.

  14. Thank you

  15. 🙂

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