My year on Ptsd discussion board

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Early on when PTSD was new, I joined Daily Strength, the biggest mental health discussion board in the U.S.


I spent a year on the PTSD discussion board and what I found shocked me.


90% of the discussion board were women who had been sexually assaulted by their fathers, brothers or uncles as little girls.


Most never got over their rapes, lived a victims existence, reliving their rapes everyday On that board. I witnessed them suffer as they went around in circles of thought causing them constant suffering and victimhood.

I did not see anyone get better. I was attacked for saying we can heal.


Victims can not stand someone saying we can heal, it is threatening to their storyline.


In truth the discussion board was an open house for Dissociation (leaving this moment to enter the past).


Ever hear of a therapist recommending his clients share their symptoms in the waiting room. That’s what the discussion board did everyday, shared symptoms and complained.


Our goal is hard to accomplish, do not touch or talk about your trauma with anyone except your therapist.


Next, refrain from entertaining these thoughts in your own mind unless you can integrate what you are fueling.


Prepare, have a plan when intrusive thoughts enter your consciousness.


Success will take many trials with loss before we succeed.


People I have witnessed who heal, have an internal fortitude.


It took me many, many, many, many, many tries to accomplish my healing goals.


Many, many, many failures, do not deter those that press on and heal.


Healing from PTSD for me, required daily work without any improvements for long periods of time.

Whatever that trait is, hope, faith, never give up attitude, it is needed for this journey.


It is more than courage, courage does not fuel daily work, that comes from deep down.


Discussion board: I am shocked so many fathers, brothers and uncles rape little girls.


I do not get rape, gangrape as a male.


This is such a cowardly and violent act that ruins lives.


America does not test rape kits unless it is part of a murder.


Does that say we do not value women’s safety?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rudid96 on August 13, 2020 at 4:47 pm

    Mindful Marty,
    I’m not going to address the latter part of your post, Rape and Test Kits. It’s too triggering. As you accurately observed, many can spend a lifetime ‘healing’ in self-help groups. Been there and some of the friendships and support are invaluable. However going round and round speaking about your own trauma as well as supporting the traumas of others (if one isn’t careful) can be another hole in which to be stuck. I’ve been there, done that. In the beginning, whether it’s a whisper or a scream, receiving the support of others in a supportive group is sustenance to a dying person. However at some point, all that compassionate understanding unless paired with real-time accountable steps won’t do the full rewiring. I loved it when you acknowledged “It took me many, many, many, many, many tries to accomplish my healing goals.””Many, many, many failures, do not deter those that press on and heal.” It’s embarrassing to admit how many spirals my healing is taking.
    A while ago my suicidal ideation amped up. In that space b’twn contemplation and action, I had an epiphany. My job was to let go of living the story. Things DID happen but now it’s time to rewire. Though being validated is comforting one needs to replace traveling down the same trodden thought pathways with different actions. The things I’m doing sound so trite. Listing them would sound ridiculous but believe me, committing to the small daily changes, regularly utilizing somatic exercises, and learning to tolerate & move thru eruptions of anxiety is WORK! Some days I hate that work. Surprisingly, it doesn’t end simply because strides have been made. Attachment issues are another real part of this Medusala called trauma. I’m holding onto my healing tools as their my sword and shield.

  2. You are healing rudid96

    You have improved

    Yes I healed by not thinking about my trauma my father

    The Ptsd discussion board was a place that taught me what not to do

    Never feel sorry for yourself if you have ptsd

    Never hang around victims

    Sharing stories

    Encourage them to get help

    I was in a chronic pain group

    I left because I refused to be a victim and give up

    I threw my pills away and started hiking

    I have walked out of two help groups because they were not helping in
    fact they were hurting me

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