ANS part two


Generally, the sympathetic division does the following:

Prepares the body for stressful or emergency situations—fight or flight

Thus, the sympathetic division increases heart rate and the force of heart contractions and widens (dilates) the airways to make breathing easier. It causes the body to release stored energy.

Muscular strength is increased. This division also causes palms to sweat, pupils to dilate, and hair to stand on end. It slows body processes that are less important in emergencies, such as digestion and urination.

The parasympathetic division does the following:

Controls body process during ordinary situations.

Generally, the parasympathetic division conserves and restores. It slows the heart rate and decreases blood pressure.

It stimulates the digestive tract to process food and eliminate wastes. Energy from the processed food is used to restore and build tissues.

Both the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions are involved in sexual activity, as are the parts of the nervous system that control voluntary actions and transmit sensation from the skin (somatic nervous system).



My two cents: If we can stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system our fight or flight mechanism will stop firing.

Ptsd is a bluff, it is a stored memory, a reaction to a overwhelming dangerous event we could not tolerate.

Every time my fight or flight mechanism fired, no harm or threat materialized.

In 10 minutes my nervous system calmed but I never realized it was invisible fear, not real.

I became more afraid of my fight or flight firing than the triggers.

How about you? Triggers are usually confusing, stored trauma is inaccurate and incomplete.




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