Watching Emotions Ebb and Flow: from Shaila Catherine


How long does an emotion last?

Have you ever felt that you were angry for a couple of hours or sad all day long?

Look closely at that angry feeling or that sad feeling.

Notice the story: the thoughts of loss that triggered sadness, the threat that triggered anger.

Do such thoughts remain static or are they intermittent, or cyclical?

Notice sensations in the body: perhaps heaviness in the chest, an ache in the stomach, an indistinct disoriented sensation, heat or cold, a hollow feeling.

Are these sensations lasting, stable, or fluctuating?

Do they increase or decrease?

Notice the intensity of the anger or sadness: does it remain stable, or come as waves that intensify when triggered by certain thoughts, smells, or sights and then diminish when attention is distracted by exercise, meals, and conversation?



My two cents: I believe anything that fluctuates can be impacted.

My chronic pain does not stay the same intensity all day long.

Something is changing the ebb and flow.

My mind can impact my emotions and chronic pain.

Thoughts seem to be the source of there proliferation.



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