Intense and barely controllable urges and emotions make people feel crazy



The Body Keeps the Score:

Still others may shut down emotionally and not feel any obvious changes.


However, in the lab we have no problem detecting their racing hearts and the stress hormones churning through their bodies.

These reactions are irrational and largely outside people’s control.

Intense and barely controllable urges and emotions make people feel crazy—and makes them feel they don’t belong to the human race.

Feeling numb during birthday parties for your kids or in response to the death of loved ones makes people feel like monsters.

As a result, shame becomes the dominant emotion and hiding the truth the central preoccupation.

They are rarely in touch with the origins of their alienation.

That is where therapy comes in—is the beginning of bringing the emotions that were generated by trauma being able to feel, the capacity to observe oneself online.

However, the bottom line is that the threat-perception system of the brain has changed, and people’s physical reactions are dictated by the imprint of the past.

The trauma that started “out there” is now played out on the battlefield of their own bodies, usually without a conscious connection between what happened back then and what is going on right now inside.

The challenge is not so much learning to accept the terrible things that have happened but learning how to gain mastery over one’s internal sensations and emotions.

Sensing, naming, and identifying what is going on inside is the first step to recovery.



My two cents: Sensing, naming, and identifying sounds like being aware.

Being aware of our inner world as we let the storyline fade is our goal.



3 responses to this post.

  1. self-awareness is extremely helpful, it taught me the difference between reaction and response.

  2. We build that space between stimulus and reaction so a choice appears

    Act or let it pass

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