Feel the Body Sensations, let the storyline die from lack of attention




“The challenge is not so much learning to accept the terrible things that have happened but learning how to gain mastery over one’s internal sensations and emotions.”

The Body Keeps the Score



My two cents: A recent trauma has resurfaced after decades being buried. PTSD appears as a short, horrifying movie playing inside my mind, while my body feels the fear and panic experienced at that traumatic moment.

We want to escape a serious trauma at all costs as our body stores those sensations of heightened terror.

While sitting, meditating or during flashbacks during the day, anytime the storyline plays that movie, I focus entirely on my body sensations.

Resisting the urge to silence these feelings, I take my breath into the middle of the unrest, then surrender to the fear.

I have found a curious mindset, a desire to understamd our inner world helps.

First step is having the focus skills to let the storyline go.

It is the storyline we identify with, that makes PTSD so confusing and frightening.

Learn to focus on the breath and body sensations and the storyline will fade for short periods of time.

I healed because I did not think about the storyline.

When I gave the storyline attention it grew more powerful and my symptoms increased in duration and intensity.

If you want to heal quickly, place all effort on this task.



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