Guinness a follower shares his journey



“I came onto this blog the other day by accident.

I am 68, been under anti-depressants the past 35 years. I had heard of PTSD of which there is very little information in the USA. This was the first I had ever heard of C-PTSD.

I cried hard as I read your “symptoms” (I dont know of a better word) as it was exactly the words I could never find to describe the feelings that were part of the persecution complex my parents told me I had as a child.

I blocked my entire childhood, blaming myself for never fitting in.

I have taken the steps to start seeing a specialist, something I had given up on years ago as I was convinced it was me. Lots of parents get divorced. Why was I taking it so hard unless I wasnt strong.

I now have a better sense of what I am dealing with.

I dont feel alone anymore.”



My two cents: Children still love parents that abuse them, substitute first caregivers are very, very rare. Our life collapses if we can not trust our caregivers, we learn to see life with danger even at home.

We blame ourselves for their lack of parenting skills, especially attaching in a positive and supportive way to that little boy/girl.

My childhood has few memories and all traumatic. At my age, I do not know why so much is not accessible.

Now, you have to reach a point where you stop thinking about your childhood.

The best way to relieve the suffering is to build your focus.

We have to calm the nervous system and learn to focus away from the constant storyline of unworthiness and fear running on that internal screen.

A trauma production that never tires of running over and over.

We need to first slow that train down, then work on switching it to a subconscious track.

Next learn to pay attention to where your mind focuses during the day.

Notice any patterns, any themes, any emotions or lack of any and do you get lost in the past or future?

Visualize a good size boulder in front of you. You are equipped with a big hammer and a chisel.

The boulder is PTSD, the tools your vehicle to slowly chisel away a little each day.

Some days feel terrible, some of those were my best healing days.

It is what we do when we feel the worst, that counts the most.

We practice when it is calm.

You do not play the World Series or the super bowl, the first game of the season.

Prepare and take action if you want to heal.

You will heal by not thinking about your childhood or your parents, only in therapy with a competent professional.

The thoughts will arrive on there own, how we deal with them decides our fate.

Happy hunting



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  1. Thank you please visit daily

  2. We journey together on this planet, we all have the same ending, we all take nothing with us.

    Harmony is the way, competition is great for sports

  3. I just followed you. Wow you attract many followers


    This is a mindfulness and PTSD blog, it is designed to be a daily check in point.

    It is designed for those not only wanting to heal but willing to take action.

    Those people have questions and will improve

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