Stuck Parts: Parts that Imitate who hurt you



From Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation:

Usually their are parts of the personality that hold anger and rage that are unacceptable or very frightening to other parts.

Some may resemble people from the past who were abusing.

These parts shame, threaten, or punish other parts inside, or they may direct their anger to other people in the outside world.

Although the behavior of these parts can be quite frightening or shameful, as well as unacceptable, it is important for you to understand that these parts have good reason to exist and are representations, and thus not the same as the people who hurt you.

They originally developed to protect you by containing many distressful experiences of anger, helplessness, and sometimes guilt or shame.

Furthermore, their function often is to prevent other parts behaving in a way that, in the past, evoked fear or shame.

Over time it is important to appreciate why they exist, even though their “methods: that is, their behavior and attitudes, may not be acceptable.

Your fear and shame about me parts must be overcome in order for you to heal.

These parts like all parts of yourself, need to become part of an internal “team” that collaborate and represent you as the whole person and your own history.

And once they do so, you will be surprised at what tremendous help they will be to you.



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