My relationship with my mind



For sufferers of PTSD, the mind becomes an adversary. Its behavior drastically changes.

Out of my conscious influence, imminent danger proliferates, igniting my defense system, the fight or flight mechanism.

Fear dominated my life.

Symptoms complicate and confuse us. We avoid, deal with flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and memories. We are hyper vigilant, on the look out for emotional triggers.

Now, my relationship with my mind has changed.

I made friends with my nervous system. Staying focused and present when my fight or flight mechanism fired, exposed the mirage of trauma.

My nervous system calmed.

Next the thoughts and patterns were an issue.

The solution was quite simple.

I watch my thoughts now.

Unworthy or negative thoughts fade.

If I choose to give attention to any thought, it will be constructive or at least interesting.

My mind has changed its habits.

I have learned to keep my mind focused in this moment.

I have found that, this moment is all that exists, whether it is mundane, exhilarating or scary.

I have only experienced happiness in the present moment.

I have worried and doubted in the present moment, but it was about the past or a prediction.

You improve by not thinking, not ruminating!



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  1. Posted by isidrobuquiron7876 on June 15, 2020 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you for the reminder…but, to most or maybe 99% of people with PTSD this is almost impossible…for me, almost all of the traumatic thoughts are hardwired to the nerves that it is almost beyond control. But healing comes from monumental effort (per this blog) and taking full responsibility for one’s wellbeing.

  2. Thank,you for your participation

    99% ok specifically what is impossible

    I started with focus on three breaths

    Every time my fight or flight exploded I tried to stay present

    I failed over and over again

    I hiked uphill for an aerobic practice

    This exercise dissipated my extra anxiety, cortisol and adrenaline

    I expanded my process of getting lost in thought then coming back to my focus.

    My focus improved and I practiced everyday

    This practice calms and soothes our nerves,

    My goal was to stay present when my triggers exploded.

    You will fear your triggers less each week

    Our attitude is to let judgment and thought go

    Thought is a mirage

    The mind has far more capability than we can ever imagine

    Our opportunity is infinite

    Train your mind to focus on the breath
    Then repeat

    Do not think about healing that will happen on its own

    I can help you meditate give you some pointers and tools and reassure you

    Zoom is available

  3. I also used my affirmation

    In this moment, right now, I feel my body overflowing with Kindness, Approval and safety.

    I recorded it and played it everyday.

    It is almost effortless after you record it

    I listen while I hike

    At bedtime is a good reminder before bed

    If intrusive thoughts arrive, say this affirmation four or five times until thoughts fade

  4. Learning to live with PTSD ad C-PTSD is an ongoing process. At times it seems so unfair, life is difficult and requires flexivilty of mind and the ability to adapt to change — and on top of the is is the trauma.

  5. Life is u fair

    Birth the ultimate lottery

    What country what culture what color
    What defects
    What parents or maybe no parents

    Life is difficult but you can be happy

    U can improve

  6. That was my point. Learning to live with it is a life long process. As we get better at managing symptoms our lives improve.

  7. I agree

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