How do we change, heal?



Real change does not happen on its own.

A pivotal decision must be made.

Am I willing to take action?

All the reading, discussing, and contemplating is informative but lacks any chance of change.

Change, real change takes daily action!

This is the greatest challenge I see with people wanting to heal from PTSD.

Most will continue to suffer, somehow unable to take daily action.

What holds people back from taking action?

It takes courage, facing the unknown, being vulnerable in the face of incredible trauma fear.

What holds you back from dedicating 30 minutes a day toward change (healing)?

I started building my focus on my breath, trying to have three breaths free of thought.

I picked a small, specific, concrete action to invest in.

Something small, simple, bulletproof where I could see improvement.

Start small, gain confidence, invest all thought and energy into the activity.




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  1. Posted by isidrobuquiron7876 on June 12, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    The simplicity of the process and the monumental effort and determination makes healing a very daunting task. But, yes you are absolutely right that specific and consistent action has to happen before any improvement/healing takes place.

    Personally, I spent 2 hours daily just sitting still and it seems to work.

  2. Thanks for the wisdom

    Taking action, has a profound change on us

    Immediately we move from victim
    We are at least taking responsibly for our condition

    Action is much easier from this point

    Taking action brings responsibility

    Two hours a day is great

    I find it almost impossible for most to dedicate 10 minutes a day


    You are investing that time in you

    Self compassion in its purest form

    And may I ask what sitting still has brought to you?

  3. Posted by isidrobuquiron7876 on June 12, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    it brings so much awareness of the issues that were neglected for ages which were crying out to be acknowledged and validated. Your blog is kind of a map for me. Thank you, Marty.

  4. Thank you.

    I always hope people will be helped by my words and path

    We have to sit still, slow down and observe our inner world

    Happiness is an internal way of being so we need to know the subconscious, the mind, how trauma is stored and can rule life.

  5. May I add

    Those who have taken daily action and sustained it for a few months had big improvements

    Healing is so subtle at first

    We have to have something
    Trust, faith willpower or purpose maybe

    For me my dad won if I gave up and suffered

    That’s all the purpose and willpower I needed

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