Part 3: narrative based and immediate based selfs




“Living with your Heart Wide Open” by Steve Flowers

“It’s important to understand the distinction between pain and suffering.

Some amount of pain is inevitable in life.

We’ll all experience loss, setbacks, illness, and more.

But suffering is different.

It comprises the thoughts we heap on top of pain—thoughts that often make us feel far worse than the original pain.

For example, pain is transformed into suffering when we tell ourselves things like “I’m never going to get over this.

This pain is going to torture me the rest of my life.”

The pathway of healing is a journey of feeling the disowned and unwanted pain that stories of unworthiness have covered and concealed.

Mindfulness is a key skill for making this journey, fostering the present-moment awareness that will enable you to turn toward and be with the inevitable pain of being human.

Awareness allows us to look deeply into the pain of our lives because awareness itself isn’t subject to pain.

It can witness pain but isn’t in pain itself.

It doesn’t screen out feelings that seem difficult or may be unwanted; it enables you to open your heart and deeply experience what’s in it.”



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