Happiness seems elusive for most of us!




Growing up being happy did not seem to be our goal. Being raised Catholic, I had responsibility to the church and God.

My parents demanded proper behavior at home, school and in public. Somehow out of this indoctrination and proper behavior, happiness would be attained.

Well that never worked out. I studied hard, accomplished a college degree, added seven years as a professional baseball player, before a successful working career, but lasting happiness was a complete stranger.

Now I knew possessions, accomplishments, power or approval were not connected with true happiness.

Happiness is hidden, in some of the simplest thing we do.

Hidden in the mundane, clouded by bias and thought, happiness eludes us.

Emotions lead us away from happiness. Try being angry and happy at the same time. Many emotions are connected to negative thought and judgment.

I have found peace and happiness inside mundane chores at times.

Happiness only exists in this current moment, so we need to be present first to enjoy.

Thought seems to chase away happiness for me.

There is a time to think but continuous thought like we get involved in, is destructive.

An example: I have found peace doing laundry.

My purpose: Make my grandkids look as good as possible.

How: Enter the chore completely. Each piece of clothing I pick up, receives total attention and energy. I feel like part of each piece of clothing when my focus is strong.

Time ceases, thoughts fade while a quiet calm envelopes me.

I have felt my nervous system dissipate all its anxiety and aggravation in this space.

Being totally present with laundry, has settled my being and brought a grounding, a smile to my being.

Is this a happy moment?

For me it has the correct elements.

We are Ever present while focused, observing and acting without thinking.

Happiness does occupy spaces like this.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Great insights Marty! “Happiness is hidden” is so true. In the most unexpected places in between breaths when we’re not actively seeking it. Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom and experiences of healing through mindfulness. 🍃

  2. Happiness is all
    Around us

    Look at the monks, zen Buddhists and other enlightened beings

    Their minds have practiced letting the noise of thought go so long, being empty of thought and focused is habit for them

    I get a kick out of watching some of the monks lecture

    Their message is so elementary it seems like a joke

    You can not listen to their words you have to sit and experience your mind alone and walk the path to get the benefits

    Monks do not live lavish lives with many possessions

    Why are they so happy

    Why are they so content without needing to accomplish anything

    Thanks for your input Andrea

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