How does Mindfulness deal with hate, racism?

Pixabay: Fajrul_Falah
We have different abilities and weaknesses however each life is as valuable as every other life.

I am no better than any other person. I believe that.

Mindfulness has taught me to honor this truth.

Mindfulness cultivates gratitude, kindness and compassion.

A well developed practice challenges us to love our enemies or detractors along with our friends and family.

Neuroscience has determined Loving kindness meditation, the most focused, most powerful type of meditation while monitoring seasoned meditators, using functional MRI’s.

Loving kindness gives kindness and compassion to others without regard for reward or recognition.

We know there is suffering in the world, therefore we send our strongest intention to alleviate others pain.

It is altruistic and offered with humility. It is a basic but powerful practice.

Doing harm to others is against everything we medititate to attain.

Racism and hate kill any chance for an honorable life, that includes any chance at happiness.

It is sad to witness racism in this day and age.

We have come so far with knowledge and science innovation but racism has not changed much.

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