External versus Internal truths

Pixabay: AlainAudet
“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.”

– Rumi –
My two cents: For me, my journey always sought worthiness and acceptance outside myself, from other people, institutions and teams.

This path soothed me temporarily during certain accomplishments and awards.

It is like problems, solve one problem and the next one arrives.

External praise or justification can be fleeting, definitely not permanent.

Another’s praise can change to criticism, the external is out of our control and maybe even influence at times.

Permanent things, I have found, are internal and constant.

My true self is the same, as yours, just come to now with your mind empty of thought. It is the same as last decade.

If I uncover my worthiness, my internal knowing, life changes.

The less power the external exerts upon me, the better chance I have for a happy life.

It is always simple, that is the way to be happy, surely not easy though.

Any thoughts?

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