Matthew Ricard: being present



Observe what arises in your experience without imposing anything on it, without letting yourself be either drawn to it or put off by it.

See whatever is in front of you, a flower or any other object; listen attentively to the sounds nearby or far away; smell the fragrances and odors; feel the texture of what you are touching.

Register your various sensations, clearly perceiving their characteristics.

Be entirely present to what you are doing, whether walking, sitting, writing, doing the dishes, or drinking a cup of tea.

With mindfulness, it doesn’t matter what you are doing or whether you judge a task to be pleasant or unpleasant.

What matters is how you do it—with a mind that is clear and peaceful, attentive to what is happening, and full of wonder at the present moment, without superimposing mental constructs such as attachments or preconceptions onto reality.

When you are doing this practice, you stop endlessly swinging back and forth between attraction and aversion.

You are just attentive, lucid, and aware of each perception and sensation, of each thought that arises and passes away.

Feel the freshness of the present moment.

Do you find that it brings up a vast, luminous, and serene state of mind in you?



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