Stuck parts one: Parts of the personality that hold traumatizing experiences:



From Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation:

Younger parts

Most people with a dissociative disorder who experienced childhood trauma will have parts of personality that experience themselves as younger than the persons actual age: adolescents , child parts of primary school, or even toddler and infant parts.

It is as though these parts are stuck in various developmental time periods of the past. They often hold trauma memories, distressing, painful emotions or sensations, but sometimes also have positive memories.

They typically are unresolved feelings of longing, loneliness, dependency, and need for comfort

Helper Parts

Some people but certainly not all, have helper parts in their inner world that take care of the well being of other parts, an inner form of regulation that can be a resource and basis for leaning further self soothing skills.

Sometimes helper parts are modeled on a kind person from the past or an appealing character from a book or movie or television.

These parts are the traumatized child’s attempt to soothe and comfort himself or herself.

For some people, the major part of the personality who functions in daily life can learn to be quite empathetic and helpful for inner parts as well.



4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the refresher. I have CWTRD on my computer, but haven’t read much in it over the past several years.

  2. This concept of trauma stuck parts is much like the Internal Family Therapy model

    We need to integrate these damaged parts to become whole.

    Next time you feel like a child, a kid, reflect in what is happening.

    Remember trauma is stored with our abilities when the trauma happened.

    So at 10 my abilities are of a ten year old boy.

    When my trauma surfaces, I have the ability of my ten year old self unless I take a step back and let that part go.

  3. Oh, that’s so interesting! I’m not sure we fully agree with this only having certain abilities though. Maybe we’ve integrated partly already.

  4. Nothing is black and white

    We probably have integrated some then their is some struck we are oblivious to

    Anger was an emotion I could not use

    It scares me and I still have an awkward relationship with anger

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