My thoughts on Control



In my opinion, many think we control our life, our destiny.

In my generation, college was a way to get control of our future.

Control seems to be linked to success, power and possessions.

One thing I have no control of, the 60,000 thoughts that show up everyday.

My influence comes from reacting or not reacting to these thoughts.

A good percentage of my daily thoughts bring worry, doubt, fear and anxiety (childhood trauma).

This is my daily battle, let the noise go or grasp and suffer.

The battle is lost if we engage these unworthy thoughts.

Depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental disorders incubate around thinking.

Negative emotional thought can dominate life.

If you suffer from PTSD or depression you have experienced the suffering caused by rumination in our past trauma.

The “Ego” believes he/she can control our life through these past thoughts.

If we grant this control, we are a victim and life is full of suffering.



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  1. Posted by Michelle Denness on June 10, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    Can we not embrace our past trauma, learn from it and share the lessons? Can we relinquish the ‘control’ and see it for what it is… a reminder to change something deep within us? Are we able to love the part of us (quite possibly a much younger part) that feels out of the ‘control’ of a past situation and let them know that part know that we we hear and acknowledge it? Just some thoughts swirling around my mind… 🙂

  2. Well said

    Relinquish control is acceptance

    Surrender is the ultimate

    Strange power counterintuitive

    From my readings

    We feel the trauma completely, observing not thinking or judging, then come back to ur breath

    To what ur eyes see

    What u hear and feel

    Coming back to now using our focus tools solves these dilemmas

    We always have a safe place where thought dies

  3. Posted by Michelle Denness on June 10, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    I love this thank you 🙏

  4. Thank you for your input

    Others have similar questions

    We are all in this together

    Giving is part of the path for all of us

    Pay it forward

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