WORKING WITH EXPERIENCES from Meditation for the Love of it: Sally Kempton



Once we write down our experiences, we have the material not only for contemplation but for going even deeper into the experience itself.

Looking at the experiences in my journal, it is clear that though they were very subtle, there was much to contemplate in them: realizations arose in them that created one more tiny shift in the sense of self.

Each time you realize something more about your true subtlety—

say, that your emotions are actually energy,

or that the spaciousness behind thoughts is the real you,

or that you are being breathed by a greater force (rather than being the one who breathes)—

you let go of another atom of attachment to the limited self.

Each tiny realization or insight arising in meditation creates a new pattern in your consciousness that you are free to revisit at any time.

The memory is there, and it is a memory of freedom.

You will deepen the new pattern each time you return to it.

In fact, the experience of one meditation can become a focus for practice in your next meditation.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Great post! Meditation is its own apothecary don’t you think…

  2. I do
    Whenever we can step back and just be is a good thing

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