Navigating the Unknown



First, Happy Mothers Day!

During this pandemic, the unknown has grown to enormous size.

During normal times, the unknown is much smaller unless a traumatic event visits us.

On the river of life, no man knows what’s around the bend.

The Unknown makes us vulnerable, we feel our control has vanished.

Being vulnerable feels weak, we were taught to be strong, resist at all costs.

Remember the path, Awareness is always first, followed by acceptance, then surrender.

We work diligently to control our environment, to have influence over the external world.

That judgment is a fallacy. The Japanese sleeping quietly near the Fukushima power plant thought they were safe, in control.

It is difficult to surrender to the unknown.

We suffer with our judgments, our thoughts about this quarantine.

Judgments bring expectations, followed by loss and suffering.

During this pandemic, let go of thought, let go of control, surrender to the unknown.

Accept losing control, the concept we foster and build, surrender to the unknown.

At least try surrendering during the day.

Try something different, risk a little.

Smile and know you can be free and happy right now.



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