“The Heart of Meditation”: Swami Durganada (Sally Kemptom)




“Meditation is the basis for all inner work.

We might struggle consciously to change our limiting qualities; we might saturate ourselves with instructions and help, both concrete and subtle.

Yet in the end, it is our direct, naked encounter with our own Awareness that shifts our understanding of who we are and gives us the power to stand firmly in the center of our being.

No one else can do this for us.

Only meditation unlocks those doors.”




My two cents: Meditation is not an intellectual property.

Reading a book or taking a class about meditation changes nothing. You will have no clue what meditation is about.

You have to sit, alone with your inner world, and do the simple but difficult exploration.

In the beginning we build our focus and learn to let go.

Anything new is awkward at first.



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