Pandemic brings a Paradigm Change



What thought comes to mind when you view these pics? This was normal before this pandemic and maybe it will return, maybe not.


How soon do you plan on being part of a crowd like these?


Another paradigm change was my “Ego”.


My creation (Ego”) has changed drastically with healing!


My creation (I, me, mine) has evolved because of my meditation practice.


My early creation was unworthy to his core. Constant criticism and violence were the building blocks.


After childhood my young adult suffered with this pure victim creation, my “Ego”.


I felt damaged to my core, not fixable, sentenced to a life of suffering.


Meditation taught me otherwise.


Slowly, with daily practice and determination things shifted.


My unworthy creation was completely inaccurate, more an indictment on my original caregivers, than on an abused child.


Meditation taught me to let my creations die a lonely death. Life was much easier when I was present and aware, free of judgment.


This new “Ego” was worthy, complete and happy at times.


Words can not describe the enormous change on my existence.


I share this so others may not give up hope. If I can dig out of this hole, so can you.


In this moment, right now, my worthiness overflows my being, a calm, confident feeling soothes me.


Life will never approach perfect, the external world still brings scary challenges.


Acceptance has lightened my burden.

More change:



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