What can we do?




During these trying times, managing thoughts, emotions and judgments becomes vital.

Think of the mind as a telescope, wherever we point the lens, becomes our focus.

The telescope picks up only the contents of its lens, this small view becomeS our total existence for a period of time.

Can you see how small things can occupy our entire universe.

The minds telescope can look back into memory, predict the future or rest in the present.

Looking into the past and future highlights what we think we could not do.

Pointing the lens to the present moment, opens up the possibilities of what we can do.

The only time available for me to take action is right now.

During this quarantine, the weak mind wants to fuel our inner critic.

We become our thoughts, our perceptions.

Let the inner critic fade, accept the mundane, the inner critic, the isolation as part of our journey.

Life will always bring us challenges.

Accept them or become a victim.

Life is harsh if you believe it.



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