I am adjusting my affirmation




“In this moment, right now, I let go of thought and judgment, I drop out of my head and down into my body, my heart.

My body is overflowing with worthiness, approval and kindness.

I feel exhilaration, experiencing this moment entirely, being part of now.”



I have been playing around with different affirmations the last few days.

A visual of the body overflowing with worthiness, approval and kindness, made me laugh. I see green jello warm enough to flow out of my ears.

In a cartoonish way the green slime made it concrete.

Maybe crazy or maybe an anchor that connects to more areas of my mind.

The green slime is the only concrete aspect of my affirmation.

Does worthiness, approval and kindness have a shape, a color a texture? So abstract.

I recorded this on an app which has a repeat function that makes this easy to practice.

Hit play and invest one minute a couple times a day.

This can be a quick check up to see if we are lost in thought or present.

We risk our self image changing, having more worthiness, approval and kindness.




One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on April 25, 2020 at 3:15 am

    Great affirmation! Going to steal it and tape it for myself! Thanks Marty!
    FYI…I personally prefer red jello over green!😁

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