Compassion for Every Part of Ourselves from “The Self Compassion Workbook”



“We all have parts of ourselves that we wish were different.

We might wish our depression would go away, or our clumsiness, or our quick temper.

However, this desire to grow and improve can become harmful if it turns into hating aspects of ourselves.

There’s a difference between wanting to worry less and hating myself when I worry.

One is motivated by the desire to grow and the other is motivated by the belief that I am unacceptable as I am.

The deepest meaning of self-compassion is relating to every part of ourselves with compassion.

We have compassion for our anxiety, for our loneliness, and even for our self-criticism.

It means that every thought, every feeling, and every behavior can be embraced with compassion.

In fact, when we learn how to have compassion for the parts of ourselves that give us the most discomfort and pain, we discover that growth and healing become much easier.”




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  1. Posted by Linda on April 17, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    Righto! After sometime of practicing self-compassion, I have now come to the point where some of these emotions that I had wanted to stop or didn’t like or even hated…. now I can feel these same emotions or states as a sort of innocence and sweetness of this young part of me just trying to give me a message. I want to respond lovingly to that, just the same as I respond to by beloved 2 yr old grandchild. And I surely do not want to miss it!

  2. Nice practice

    I have a ways to go

  3. It is a learning curve self compassion, I am working on it myself and mostly improving , but you know how it goes only as good as the day of the week it might be. Which is generally great. Triggers and my responses are where I am working at present.

  4. Life is a moment to moment journey, perfection is never the goal, it is the ability to let go and come back to now, to embracing self compassion first, then compassion for others. Nice sentiment and path Tazzie

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