Navigating judgment: Easter Style



In a way my mindfulness practice manages my judgments.

If I feel bored, mindfulness has taught me, this is an erroneous judgment. This is a signal my needy “Ego” has brought desires I must have or else.

What a crock of bs that judgment has become. I laugh when a desire or need besides the basics tries to draw me into lacking.

After food, shelter, security, a little community, etc. need is not connected to wellbeing. If you feel lack, explore your erroneous judgments.

The Unknown can be a monster, like an abstract Demon haunting our thoughts, stealing valuable time never to be recovered.

No matter if we are poor or filthy rich, the unknown does not care. If worry is your weakness, the unknown is your scary ghost.

I have learned not to focus on my own plight without seeing the bigger picture.

There is always many, many more people suffering worse than us.

If I think about the plight of vulnerable children, my burden lightens.

I have cultivated kindness, gratitude and giving while meditating.

Learned to stay present and live in the moment.

Thoughts, judgments and negative emotions can create fear, worry and doubt.

Adopt the idea we are on this journey together, in harmony.

This pandemic highlights those souls to poor to have healthcare having enormous impact our health more than ever believed in the past.

Those homeless could spread this pandemic. All of a sudden their wellbeing impacts us.

In this small town, we started to House the homeless at the fairgrounds.

Who thought that could ever happen?

Took a pandemic to show us, we are all on this journey together.



2 responses to this post.

  1. La photo est très jolie 💖

  2. Life has always regenerated after devastation so far

    Who knows what the future holds

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