Where is our power Source?




The Heart of Meditation by Swami Durgananda (Sally Kemptom)

“The ego bears the same relationship to the Self as a lightbulb does to the electrical current that runs through it.

The bulb looks as if it gives light independently, but in fact it doesn’t.

It’s just a container.

The true source of illumination is the electrical current that runs through the bulb.”




My two cents: That container, our created “Ego” we elevate as who we are!

The “Ego” can not exist without the the self, its power.

Our self exists just fine without an “Ego”.

In the dark of night, how useless is a ceiling light with a bright bulb without electricity.

Why honor a creation when our powerful current is available for use.

Our true self, true nature has nothing to do with that shallow “Ego” we invented for identification.

Seems our goal is to follow the source of our power, our true nature.




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