PTSD and this Pamdemic!!!!!



PTSD does not like more fear, quarantine or a pandemic!!!

Having idle time can be disastrous for PTSD, anxiety or depression.

Our biggest challenge, do not dissociate into the past or future. That means stop ruminating (thinking).

If we need to think, we direct our thought and leave out I, me Mine sentences. Be neutral as possible for a month.

We need to work on being grateful, then humble. Have goals like these to emulate.

Let the “I”, our “Ego” take a back seat. Limit his/her time in control of your mind.

Refuse to entertain judgments for a month. We can make decisions later, let go of all the extra worry this pamdemic has delivered.

If we do not accept this pandemic, surrender to these restrictions, the victim inside us will prosper.

Our “Ego” wants to blame, feel victimized and helpless.

Remember we all wither and die, so revisit your goals in life.

Some people are going to die. If it is us, do we want to suffer more because how we think?

I live with my daughter and three grandkids. My goal is to be positive and supportive of them.

We lead by example not words or thoughts.

We can not let negative thoughts, worry or doubt camp inside our mind.

We need not be perfect, but have the ability to let go of the noise and come back to now, when needed.

Accept the anxiety, sit quietly and breathe into it.

Observe it and watch it fade. Feel your body settle, cortisol and adrenaline dissipate.

This is our challenge with PTSD.




6 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so grateful that I have to keep myself in check not only for myself but for my kids. I am their example, and I intend to be as good of one as possible.

  2. This isolation brings different challenges for each of us

    Stay calm, breathe, let go

  3. Did you get Focused and Fearless and if you did how is it

  4. Posted by Marisia Ybarra on April 2, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Really good post. I am trying hard to relax and have caught my body tensing up when it’s not needed. I started reading more, gardening, just cuddles and naps with Baby.

  5. Good job. Having purpose, finding activities we enjoy is important.

    The awareness to catch your body tensing is key to calming it. Awareness is always first.

    Good job Marisia

    Entertain your mind with pleasant thoughts and activities

    When we find ourselves distracted, let go and come back

    Accept that we will feel lost, bored and maybe sad but those are judgments if the mind.

  6. I just stay focused on the idea that God knows when it is our time and what lessons we need to learn. If I have nothing to fear in the moment, I have nothing to fear.

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