Do not let them camp out in your head!



We go to great lengths to protect our possessions. We close and lock our doors and windows, maybe add a security system for extra protection.

With all this energy and concern, why do we not guard our mind with the same diligence.

This is one of my bad habits from childhood. An outside threat can dominate my thoughts, occupy my mind in totality.

My childhood abuse heightened my sense of self, needing to be perfect, thoughts would consume my being.

Any criticism or threat was elevated to a level of near annihilation within minutes. Sensitive, I have to admit and it is embarrassing to realize its impact.

My fears drugs were always present, so criticism easily excited my being.

Now, I refuse to let my attention be consumed by another’s actions.

Yesterday, a neighbor emailed a nasty message about my screaming grandkids.

Quarantine is causing some to lose their cool.

Now, attacking my grandkids is one of the few attachments, I care deeply about.

In the past this situation would consume my thoughts.

Life would revolve around this upset.

I have learned that letting this situation camp out in my mind, is an invisible prison I have inhabited way too much.

I have learned to keep my mind clear of this poison.

Let others own their own problems.



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  1. Posted by rudid96 on March 29, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    “Let others own their own problems” – short and to the point. I like words or actions that are easy to grab in the moment of a mind storm. When my thoughts begin twisting in on themselves, when becoming embroiled in the drama of what he, she, or they said or did, my mind takes on the behaviors of a whining toddler. It doesn’t want to let go. It needs repeated, brief steady direction delivered with love.
    Reducing the sentence further to a directive I’ve used with all my pets “Leave it” followed by intentional breathing and focus on wiggling my toes. Yes, my toes. It seems focusing on them is consuming and grounding. Who would’ve thought the toes could be a tool for gaining space? That gives me a smile.

  2. Toes are fine, they are present and needs no thought to bring awareness to the farthest appendage away from your thoughts (mind)

    Humor and laughter are excellent also

    Giving importance to these negative storylines leads us deeper into our dysfunction.

    Rudid96 your are improving, adapting, practicing that is taking action.

    Each time we refuse to grasp the noise whether feeling our toes or nose makes no difference.

    Good job

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