Anxious people are drawn to the calm, the strength.


Example: On successful professional sports teams, there is a leader, an Individual who others look up to. This person controls the emotional well being of that team.

In times of extreme stress he/she demonstrates confidence, calm and strength. Other players perform much better having this leadership to lean on.

Are you the leader in your family, in an online community or giving support through your blog.

Anxious people are drawn to the calm, the strength.


Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa (sitting) with Chilean arriero Sergio Catalán



Adversity (pandemic) is part of life, either accept the challenge or be a victim.

This choice decides if we suffer or thrive under these extreme circumstances.

I look what other humans have done in dangerous situations.

The wreck was located in the remote Andes Mountains in far western Argentina, near the border with Chile. The broken fuselage came to rest at an elevation of 3,570 metres (11,710 ft). Three crew members and more than a quarter of the passengers died in the crash, and several others soon died due to the frigid temperatures and their serious injuries.

Area of the crash. The dotted green line is the survivors’ descent route. They trekked about 38 km (24 mi) over 10 days.

Authorities immediately began searching for the aircraft, and flew over the crash site several times, but could not see the white fuselage against the snow. Search efforts were canceled after eight days.

During the next 72 days, 13 more passengers died. The remaining survivors reluctantly resorted to cannibalism.

Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa climbed a 4,650 metres (15,260 ft) mountain peak without gear and hiked for 10 days into Chile. On December 23, 1972, 72 days after the crash, 16 survivors were rescued.

The captain of that rugby team lead them until the search was called off, then he faltered. Everyone involved in the plane crash gave up except one, Nando Parrado.

A new leader, a visionary with a spirit to never give up emerged (Nando). It happens and sometimes these leaders seem as followers on the team until adversity uncovers their strength and ability to survive.

His mantra, “As long as I have a breath, I will die one step closer to my father.” None of the others had the insight and courage to know hiking out was the only way to live.

Filmed from rescue helicopter

They were never going to try to hike out. Death was only a few weeks away and they were frozen by fear and exhaustion.

They were brave and did things to survive, Nando just rose up and did something impossible to all others.

“A Miracle in the Andes” it has been labeled forever.

16 people were saved because of ones mans determination and courage. It was impossible what he and Roberto Cannessa accomplished. Seasoned mountaineers with gear could hardly navigate their journey.

Remember it was in the 90’s when they departed Montevideo. Dressed for summer, they ended up stranded in the high Andes.

Now our challenge is this pandemic.

How will you look back on your time in quarantine?

Were you a mess or did you project calm and strength to those around you?



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  1. Posted by Jeanette Orme on March 26, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Beautiful article. Thank you Marty. I read that book way back, and it’s message has always stayed with me, but your reminder was perfect. I’m a calm person…….

  2. Good hearing from you


  3. An Inspiring story and post Marty! 👏💚💕

  4. ThAnks

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