Complex Pandemic our response is Simple!



The mind wants to go fast and handle complex thoughts. Under stress with adrenaline, cortisol and testosterone impacting our behavior, the mind races out of control.

Any of us with a trauma history, know how irrational we can be when our triggers fire. The amygdala ignites this Complex process that prepare us for a lethal threat.

Know this quarantine and pandemic isolates us and increases our chances of suffering.

Out of this complex adrenal stress response, the cure is simple.

Know your breath, it has four parts. The breath is invisible, like pain, two powerful ghosts.

Inhale: Slow it down, be with your inhale, feel the air as it passes inside your nostrils, bristling by those nose hairs. Do not anticipate the pause or the next breath or the next ten minutes.

All that exists is your inhale! Be inside your nose, visualize and feel the cool air pass through your nose. Nothing else in life exists. Relax, feel secure and let go.

Observe the thoughts and emotions, Accept, let go, then Surrender to your fear.

Pause: It is like the space between musical notes, a rhythmic balance for our inhales and exhales. We pause to let oxygen absorb into our lungs. The pauses are like suspended animation, nothing is moving. If you focus, slow down, you can hear the inhales and exhales. It takes energy to inhale and exhale, the body moves and makes noise.

Exhale: The mirror image of the inhale. We slowly let the air out of our lungs, like a balloon expelling its air slowly. Navy Seals use the extended exhales to navigate fear and use the energy for fuel. Extended exhales accelerate the activation of our parasympathetic nervous system (the brakes). Notice how much less energy it takes to exhale than inhale. No need to fill (expand) our lungs. In fact the opposite is true. Takes more action to hold the air in our lungs than to simply release the pressure.

Pause: Provides the time needed for carbon dioxide to dissipate. This ensures we inhale oxygen rich air besides balancing the breath. The breath becomes similar to a fine piece of music. The pauses balance the breath as our mind and body act as one. Rumors have it that the pauses can expand, allowing us to go below our consciousness. Focus intently on any body sensations when the body is at complete rest.

Start with a three Breath set. Perfect one breath, then expand to a few more.

Look on this as a focus exercise. Practice, then apply to every thought that arrives.



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