ULTIMATE SOLITUDE: “Focused and Fearless”




“The culmination of seclusion goes far beyond a quiet state of mind.The Buddha described true seclusion as an experience that is free from attachment. In a discussion with a monk named Elder, he said,

“And how, Elder, is dwelling alone fulfilled in detail?

Here, Elder, what lies in the past has been abandoned, what lies in the future has been relinquished, and desire and lust for present forms of individual existence has been thoroughly removed. It is in such a way, Elder, that dwelling alone is fulfilled in detail.”

Thus, inner seclusion is a way of being that is freed from attachment to past, future, and even present perceptions.

Consciousness ceases to take its stand on forms, feelings, perceptions, or thoughts.

Nothing is taken up as a basis upon which to construct personal identity.

This realization of the unfabricated nature of things brings the uncluttered mind to perfection.

We don’t just clear away physical and mental rubbish, and then rest in that neat and tidy mental space.

The very constituents of personality are exposed as utterly empty.

There is nothing there to hold, and no one to try.

Nothing exists that would structure a relationship between assumed constructs of I and you, this and that, there and here, past and future.”



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  1. Slow your breath, calm your nervous system bring awareness to your interior world

    Pay attention as we were always told

    Thanks for the input

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