The Personal Self has nowhere very solid to Perch.



“Ten Thousand Things” by Robert Salzman:

For me, an apparent personal self is still present, but has lost the authority of its judgments, certainties and pet beliefs.

Gone too is the usual intense identification with personal history and autobiography as if one owned the past, or at least one’s little piece of it.

I don’t mean that I cannot remember erstwhile experiences, but that they have lost their power to affect and condition the present.

If I speak of bygones, it feels as if speaking about someone else entirely.

Without its certainties and habitual attachment to self-fulfillment, and self-justification, the personal self has nowhere very solid to perch.

If there is anger, it lasts only a moment.

If there is lust, it lasts only for a moment.

Such feelings are neither rationalized and explained by reference to the past, nor sustained by weaving them into a story one imagines will continue onward into a visualized future.

For me, feelings are not connected up in that way.

One really does live at all times only here and now, not by choice, but just because that’s the way it is.



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