Being Awake (Awakened): “Ten Thousand Things” by Robert Salzman:



Whenever I think about it (being awakened) or notice it, I find myself here.

When I say “here,”

I mean at the visual center of an apparent world of sights;

at the auditory center of an apparent world of sounds;

at the tactile center of an apparent world of texture, etc.

The entirety of that sensory information, most of which usually passes unnoticed, is assembled moment by moment into an experience of “the world.”

I cannot do that assembling any more than I can digest food or circulate blood.

I have no choice in the matter.

When I awaken from sleep, the world is there, a seamless confection that is not my doing.

Nor do I know what that world “really” is or from whence my experience of it comes.

Inasmuch as I neither make the world nor, despite the dogmas of religion and spirituality, know anything at all about its source, I do not know and cannot know what “I”—a feature of that world—am either.




My two cents: That “I” feature is the “Ego” we create.

Seems it separates us from being awakened.

Not my words!



4 responses to this post.

  1. Take a look at the truck, the slogan on the side and it’s predicament with the overhead bridge.

  2. Thank you for this Marty! Your mindful posts are exactly what I needed today. I reminder that “A Way Out” is always preceded by the “Way IN”. Keep sharing. Keep illuminating. The world needs your light. Now more than ever.

  3. That means a lot coming from you


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