Meeting Perceptions with Observation: Focused and Fearless!

The last places on Earth with no internet– Tierra Patagonia, Chile –




Notice how your attention meets perceptions.

Do you feel that the attention is lurching toward perceptions to embellish experience?

Rest back.

Allow experience to arise and pass.

Observe phenomena from the stability of your seated posture.”

“Each time the attention pounces on a thought, a sight, a sound, rest back again.

Imagine a comfortable armchair positioned in a room with large picture windows opening out to a vast view.

Imagine yourself sitting in the chair observing the expansive view.

You don’t need to chase thoughts or follow after feelings to be aware of them.

Simply observe how each thought arises and passes like a bird flying across the sky.

Remain comfortable and steady in your grand and royal seat!”



2 responses to this post.

  1. When I can I do exactly this on my deck with my view of the river and hills across birds and boats. It helps a lot

  2. Awareness is very helpful

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