Taking action is our goal

Command Module, Apollo 11




Let’s talk about change.

Change happens when we take daily action.

Small daily actions worked best for me.

Having the mindset of small daily improvements, learning what to grasp and what to let go, defines an important part of our journey.

Yesterday, while I was outside taking care of the yard, thoughts about an abusive neighbor grabbed my attention.

It was a brisk but sunny day with a slight wind.

A small epiphany occurred in that moment, I realized the impact of letting a negative emotion take over my consciousness.

Without much effort and little fanfare, I chose to enjoy the simple pleasure of nature.

The heavy, negative thoughts faded quickly as my mood brought a smile at the ease this process unfolded.

Where we place our attention decides what our life is like.

I have realized much of my last ten years has been spent healing, dealing with childhood abuse.

This journey has been rewarding, but life is more than dealing with trauma and suffering.

Moral of story: Choose light hearted or joyful thoughts whenever possible.

I found my negative emotions were getting way to much air time.

How about you?



2 responses to this post.

  1. I agree, we have to pivot. It is so easy to get sucked in to the negative. Great example! I enjoy yardwork, especially pulling weeds. It brings me peace.

  2. Anything we can do, we can do it mindfully, that is realizing yard work is all there is, when we are doing it.

    Practice letting the negative go

    Replace it with positive or come back to now,

    Stop thinking for a while, let the mind rest

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