Seduced by sensory objects, followed by disenchantment!



“Observe the quality of disenchantment as it occurs in simple ways: perhaps as you turn away from attractive perceptions, or change tasks throughout the day.

What does the mind feel like when it is enthralled with a sensory experience?

What occurs when that seduction ends?

As you walk around the block and see a beautiful sunset, or as you savor a delicious meal, notice the moment when you are seduced into the experience.

Then observe the moment when the mind releases that enchantment and moves on to the next thing.

No one exists transfixed the entire day by a single sensory pleasure.

Observe disenchantment occurring as you move from one activity to the next as you are attracted to and then fail to notice various sensory stimuli; as you make this food choice, then that; and as you alter your recreational preferences.

Highlight and study mundane experiences of disenchantment in your daily routine.

Then, during formal meditation, observe this same dynamic.”




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