The Quickest way to heal from PTSD! Know it’s an Illusion



The best opportunity to heal is when a trigger, our fight or flight mechanism fires.

This is PTSD at his/her scariest and most powerful moment.

Trauma scares the hell out of you during this eruption or PTSD loses power.

If we run, avoid, deny, distract or freeze, PTSD grows.

Funny thing, this is traumas most vulnerable time also.

PTSD has gained access to the switch, the switch that fires our fight or flight mechanism.

The adrenaline and cortisol are real. We lose our fine motor skills, respiration, bp, and heart rate increases.

Coagulants and pain killers are secreted to prepare us for a lethal threat.

The big problem is no real danger exists, now. PTSD is an expert at connecting situations to past trauma, then firing our adrenal stress response.

It is a bluff. I started focusing on my breath when my fight or flight mechanism fired.

Yes, the first couple triggers exploding overwhelmed my focus.

In due time my triggers dissipated a little quicker each time.

PTSD is at its apex of power when a triggers fires.

PTSD is also at its weakest, most vulnerable if we can stay present, focused, empty of thought.

With this mindset, my triggers firing changed from being a terrible fear to an opportunity to improve.

This is the battle we must win to heal.




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