“THE FREEDOM OF RELEASE”: Excerpt From “Focused and Fearless”




Wherever clinging is perceived, that is the place to release.

As your equanimity grows, it becomes easier to let go.

Wisdom infiltrates your days, sometimes consciously, and often subtly.

Wisdom may manifest as the ability to keep your mouth shut when you feel the impulse to come back with that witty retort that would only increase the conflict.

Wisdom gives one greater courage to face the grief of a loss, to understand loss not simply as personal tragedy, but also as a manifestation of the broader dynamic of life’s suffering.

It leads one to discover a deeper appreciation of life, inspires us to live aligned with our highest aspirations.

Most people notice improvement in the quality of their lives through the cultivation of this training; this brings confidence that the practice is working.

Students who have practiced awhile say, “I may not be enlightened yet, but I am at least a bit more patient,” or “I don’t feel very different, but my family says I am easier to live with.”

The benefits of developing patience, kindness, equanimity, calmness, compassion, and the ability to bear the pain in life cannot be underestimated.”



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  1. Excellent post. It inspires and it calms the soul.

  2. It is our choice where we place our attention

    I practiced addressing my Ego as a separate entity.

    One day someone said something that angered me. My practice, let me have a small space, to decide whether to act on this emotion.

    As I observed this emotion, I saw my ego as the entity passed.

    I voiced my Opinion to my friend, I said my Ego is pissed at you, but I could care less.

    Wish I could do this more often..

  3. I do that too. Most of the time it works. I guess I am built that way 😊 Thank you for sharing.

  4. We have blind spots. I am great at seeing others issues from a distance.

    I know what to do however my blind spots are my weaknesses.

    Meditation helps me uncover these hidden flaws

  5. When I was a baker, I was taught to freeze when you drop something over or into the fryer. The worst thing you could do would be follow your instinctive reaction to reach in after it, and deep-fry your flesh in 350 degree hot oil.
    When awakening to my zen, I applied the same notion to my reactions to situations, emotions and other triggers.
    As you say, we just need a moment to think, and decide how we CHOOSE to react.

    Seek peace,


  6. I agree

    Seems we need to have a plan so we do not get burnt

    Great visualization

    Conveys the danger correctly of grabbing trauma emotions

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  8. This is a great post 😍

  9. One of my favorite authors

    Thank you for your input

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