People with dissociative disorder have compartmentalized,



from: Coping with Trauma related Dissociation

“People with dissociative disorder have compartmentalized, intolerable intense emotions in various parts of their personality.

Sometimes parts that function in daily life do not experience much emotion and have learned to avoid feeling much.

They may experience feelings as “all or nothing,” that is, far too intense or not at all.

Some dissociative parts of the personality, living in trauma time, may experience the same emotion no matter the situation, such as fear, rage, shame, sadness, yearning and even some positive ones just as joy.

Other parts have a broader range of feeling.

Because emotions are often held in certain parts of the personality, different parts can have highly contradictory perceptions, emotions, and reactions to the same situation.”




My two cents: I have debated PTSD sufferers about handling their trauma emotions.

Some believe identifying everyday with these emotions is therapy.

You can see this is a confusing battlefield, especially when you want to identify with your emotional trauma.

Our goal is to integrate our trauma thoughts, triggers and emotions to this present moment.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Per usual, you have given me a lot to think about.

  2. Childhood abuse leaves parts that are stuck in childhood

    Anger was an emotion I was not allowed to use as a child

    To this day my anger can scare me

    Some parts do not like other parts that did things to survive the abuse

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