In anger, blood goes to your hands. Fear goes to legs!!!!



From “Emotional Awareness” by Paul Ekman and Dailia Lama:

Ekman: Still another characteristic is that emotions have a set of sensations. We are not always aware of those sensations.

I have developed exercises for developing conscious awareness that you are becoming or are emotional. These are to be used not in place of, but in addition to, meditation.

One of them is an exercise to increase your sensitivity to the sensations in your body so that those sensations will ring a little bell, so you will be aware of “getting”—you know the phrase?—“ hot under the collar.”

The most dramatic difference in the sensations is anger versus fear.

In anger, blood goes to your hands.

It is preparing you to hit.

In fear, it goes to the large muscles in your legs.

DALAI LAMA: So, preparing to run.

EKMAN: Yes, right. That does not mean you will run, or that you will hit.

But evolution has prepared you in this way.

And you can learn to be sensitive to the difference in how your body feels when you are afraid as compared to angry.



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