Let’s see thru emotions for a change: Matthew Ricard first




“The second way to deal with afflictive emotions is to dissociate ourselves mentally from the emotion that is troubling us.

Usually we identify with our emotions completely.

When we are overcome by anxiety or by a fit of anger, we are at one with that feeling.

It is omnipresent in our mind, leaving no room for other mental states such as inner peace or patience, or to consider reasoning that might calm our discomfort.

However, if at that moment we are still capable of a little presence of mind—a capability that we can be trained to develop—we can stop identifying with our anger.

The mind is, in fact, capable of examining what is happening within it.

All we need to do is observe our emotions in the same way we would observe an external event taking place in front of us.

The part of our mind that is aware of the anger is just simply aware—it is not angry.

In other words, awareness is not affected by the emotion it is observing.

When we understand that, we can step back, realize that this emotion has no solidity, and allow enough space for it to dissolve by itself.

By doing so, we avoid two extremes, each as bad as the other: repressing our emotion, which would then remain in a dark corner of our consciousness like a time bomb; or letting the emotion explode at the expense of those around us and of our own inner peace.

Not identifying with emotions is a fundamental antidote that is applicable to all kinds of emotions, in all circumstances.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ezee shad on February 26, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    My best discovery of all time is, you can feel deeply and understand your emotion but not act on it! It’s so liberating.

  2. Exactly

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