Changing Channels:



My internal dialogue mirrored my abusive childhood, critical and unworthy thoughts permeated my being.

We perceive these judgments as true.

This kind of negative self talk describes those suffering from PTSD, I have encountered.

It is our thinking, our intrusive thoughts that power PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Change this habit of grasping negative thoughts and life will improve.

We get overwhelmed by wanting to heal now, immediately. Many wish a pill could do the job.

Healing feels like a big monster when we try to heal all at once. We fail because we get overwhelmed with triggers firing.

Focus on a small piece of trauma to start.

Bring awareness to the thoughts that appear in our consciousness, minute by minute.

Learn to let the noise go, start making a habit out of being present, in this moment, empty of thought.

Let everything else go for a while.

We heal much quicker using a focused laser approach, rather than a shotgun approach, handling all symptoms at one time.



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